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Turn Down Your Boiler Thermostat

If you have a thermostat fitted to your boiler, you no-doubt already argue over what temperature you set it to. But by turning your thermostat down 1°C you could save as much as £80/ year, research by Uswitch found.


Now 1°C doesn’t sound like much but it can feel a lot cooler, so our advice would be to additionally wrap up with a jumper or throw. You can obviously lower your thermostat temperature more than 1°C to save more, but please be aware you will notice a vast difference in comfort levels.

It sounds obvious but if you have a new energy efficient boiler and you lower your thermostat to save money- don’t then turn on an inefficient gas fire to make up the difference; you were usually financially better off with the heating up.

Turn down your thermostat by 1°C

If you don’t have a thermostat controlling your boiler, they can be an economical addition to your system. They come in all shapes and sizes however we would recommend the Honeywell T4R Wireless Programmable Room Thermostat for most people as an affordable, reliable unit that is compatible with most systems. Supply and installation should cost between £200 and £250.

A thermostat will help to maintain a constant, comfortable, temperature in your home by turning your boiler off when your house is warm and re-lighting when the temperature drops back below your desired temperature.

Our advice would be to lower your thermostat by 1°C as an experiment to see how you feel. Remember this is all about saving money, but if you are too cold be sure to set your thermostat to a temperature that suits you.

For more information on saving money on your energy bills visit’s free energy-saving tips.



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