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The Energy Price-Cap Rise & Saving Money

With the incoming threat of ever rising heating bills, it is even more important than ever for everyone to be as energy efficient as possible. Current plans could see the average customers’ annual fuel bills raise typically by £600. We are putting together some useful tips to try and reduce your energy usage to soften the blow of this increase.


On the 1st of April the government will be increasing the price cap- which most people’s bills are currently based on. The price cap is designed to stop energy companies making excessive profits by ensuring customers pay no more than a fair price for their energy.

It is predicted to raise by 51%, increasing your average user’s annual bill by £600-£700. It will affect default tariff customers who haven’t switched to a fixed deal and those who remain with their new supplier after their previous supplier exited the market.

This is extremely worrying for most people. Energy bills amount to 6% of the average income of a middle-income family but 18% for a low-income family. This would rise to 25% for lone parents and couples without children, while single-adult households on low incomes could be forced to spend 54% of their income on gas and electricity when the new energy price cap comes in on 1 April, found The Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Customers struggling to pay their energy bill should contact their energy supplier to access the help available.


Stoke-on-Trent is defined as the 16th most deprived city in England, with 34% of working people living in households with incomes on or below the threshold of poverty and a further 16% in search of work or limited through incapacity- ref. hardship commission report.

The increased price cap will affect a huge number of families in our city, leaving some having to choose weather to heat or eat. Help is available for some who meet specific criteria; either through your energy supplier or governments grants. For more information on help with your energy bills see our blog Help With Your Energy Bills.

Simple Ways To Cut Your Costs


Turn down your thermostat by 1°C

There are some simple ways everyone can try and reduce their energy usage without spending a fortune. We have put together a list of 5 simple changed to reduce heat loss, lower electrical used and cut wastage. Applying one or two of these could help you to save some money and hopefully keep your fuel bills under control.

  1. Turn Down Your Boiler Thermostat 1°C
  2. Cut Shower Times By 1 Minuet
  3. Draught-Proofing & Insulation
  4. Cut Down on Electrical Appliance Use
  5. Heating Your Home, The Smart Way


We hope these tips are helpful. We want all of our customers to be able to keep their families warm and safe. If you have any questions, please contact us at sales@holdcroftheating.com.

*the information given in these guides are given in good faith and designed to help customers reduce heat losses and energy consumption. Savings will differ from household to household and are not guaranteed.

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