Projects Completed in 2021

In 2021 whilst we had to continue to work during lockdown, we needed a distraction so we undertook a couple of Art projects with our neighbours in Burslem and Brown Edge.

The projects had a huge impact in our community, demonstrating that working together with our neighbours we achieved 2 great pieces of Art.

In Burslem, Tina worked with the community Group Our Burslem to ask for happy memories of lockdown from all their followers on their facebook page.

We are Culla used these to design a mural for the shutters at Holdcroft Heating.

Tina had also started a huge project with Michelle back in Brown Edge where the children collected a clay bag, donated by Valentines Clay.  They were asked to create a happy memory of their time with their families in lockdown and put it into clay.

The creations were brought back to Michelle at Nisa Local Brown Edge.

Tina took them to LoveClay where Jon French, master potter, dried and fired the clays, Emma Bailey, Ceramic Artist was waiting to paint them, Jon then glazed and fired.

Artworks at PM Training apprentices Luke and Bailey, wielded the sculpture base together and powder coat.

Whilst this was being completed N & J Services built the base ready for the arrival of the sculpture base.

The clay creations were fixed to their base and a glass encasement donated by Graphix and Holdcroft Heating was fitted to protect the sculpture.

It was uncanny that there were similarities in both pieces of art.

All this was being done whilst the Holdcroft family kept people safe in their homes by carrying out landlord safety checks, emergency boiler changes and repairs.

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