Gledhill BoilerMate 2000 Replacement

Gledhill BoilerMate 2000- Leaking? Faulty? What Now?


If you live in a house built in the early 2000’s there is a chance your boiler may be connected to a GledHill BoilerMate 2000. Most commonly in Staffordshire and Cheshire installed around Packmoor, Tunstall and Norton Heights. Also, sometimes installed on newer estates towards Madeley and Biddulph.

You may have already had issues with the huge grey box dominating your airing cupboard, usually either from circuit board (PCB) issues or general leaks. Only to then have the horror of finding your every-day gas engineer or plumber has no clue what to do with these over engineered monsters.

So, what now?

Unfortunately, the common consensus when faced with issued with your BoilerMate is to remove and replace it with an alternative system. Especially if it has stated to leak as the corrosion will only get worse and can cause horrendous amounts of damage.

The problem now is: what do you replace it with?


A Combi Boiler.

The most cost-effective option may be to replace both the old boiler and BoilerMate at the same time with a Combination boiler.

Unfortunately, installation cost is where the benefits to this stop. Unless you install a storage combination boiler (like a Worcester-Bosch Highflow) you will experience a large drop in your hot water performance- seeing as BM’s are generally installed in houses with 2 or more bathrooms this could result in arguments at shower-time.

You will also require a larger gas pipe to feed your new boiler, this will either involve the pipe being run externally around your brickwork or lifting carpets/flooring and cutting your chipboard floors.

Finally, Combination Boilers require your heating system to be pressurised, most BoilerMate systems are fed via a header tank in the loft. This increase in pressure does have a risk of finding/ causing leaks on your existing radiators and/or pipework. Most companies will not cover this under their warranty as it is existing, and most of your pipes will be concealed and buried in walls.

Overall, a medium capacity Combi Boiler may seem tempting, especially if your BM has broken unexpectedly but comes with risks, limitations and disruption.

For a 30KW Combi expect to pay in the region of £3,000.00 inc VAT.


An Un-Vented Cylinder

One option to avoid having to replace your existing boiler (as this may still work for several more years) and keep your high hot water output, would be to replace the BoilerMate with an Un-Vented Hot Water Cylinder, such as a Worcester-Bosch Green Storage.

There are great benefits to this as you will maintain your high output, mains pressure hot water in your bathrooms; meaning your taps will essentially perform in the same way you are used to. You will also benefit from a standard control system that most competent gas engineers and plumbers will understand.

One downside is your Un-Vented Cylinder will require a safety discharge pipe to outside. If your tanks get too hot, or its pressure gets too high it will dump the excess outside. This like the Combination Boilers Gas Pipe will require lifting carpets/flooring and cutting your chipboard floors and potentially a thick copper pipe down your outside wall.

Unfortunately, it is going to be more expensive than installing a standard Combi Boiler, especially when coupled with replacing your old boiler for a new condensing one (weather at the same time or a later date). A Boilermate to Un-Vented cylinder replacement will cost upwards of £3,000.00 inc VAT installed.

If you opt. for the Worcester-Bosch Green Storage Un-Vented Cylinder you can even spread the cost up to 10 years at 7.9% APR fixed or 12 Months Interest Free.


A Thermal Store

In our opinion the best alternative to your BoilerMate could be to replace it with a Thermal Store, like the Thermflow from McDonald Water Storage.

A Thermal Store is a simplified version of the BoilerMate. It has all of the performance without the extra circuit board madness and will work with your existing boiler until you are ready to upgrade to a condensing equivalent.

You maintain your high output, mains pressure hot water in your bathrooms and your system will still be fed via your existing header tank in your loft. This not only keeps your heating system pressure the same (remove the risk of leaks caused by increasing the system pressure) but also does not require any additional pipework- no carpets or floorboards need to be lifted!

The downside is that Thermal Stores are slightly more expensive. It will cost at around £3,500.00 inc VAT to replace your BoilerMate with a Thermal Store, depending on size. But the lower risk and disruption could give you some added value.

When installed with a Worcester-Bosch Boiler we can also offer payment plan up to 10 years at 7.9% APR Fixed or 12 months Interest Free Credit.

Still not sure

If you need any advice with your BoilerMate we offer a Free no obligation quoting service; where one of our experts can come to your house and advise you on the best option for your home.


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