Frozen Condenser

Worcester Boiler Discharge Pipe Frozen….What To Do

With temperatures dipping well below freezing we have had an increase in calls regarding frozen condense pipes and how to rectify the problem. Whilst we would advise extreme caution when following the guide below, these simple steps could reduce the need to contact us or your heating engineer for information and save you money at the same time.

Step 1

It’s possible that your boiler’s condense trap/discharge pipe has frozen if all 3 of these statements are correct:

  • The outside temperature is or has been below freezing
  • Your boiler is displaying either an EA fault code, a D5 code or is displaying a flashing blue light (for 26CDi boilers you may see a flashing red light instead)
  • Your boiler is a Greenstar gas boiler, or a 26 CDi

Step 2

If all 3 statements are true, you should now try to reset your boiler. This can be done by holding in the ‘reset’ button (this can be found on the boiler control panel) for 10 seconds.

Once you have released the button you should wait 2 to 3 minutes to see if the boiler re-fires.

Step 3

If the boiler does not re-fire and it is emitting a gurgling sound, then it is almost certain that your condense is frozen. If you cannot hear a gurgling noise you should still proceed to check your condense pipe.

Step 4

The condensate pipe is a plastic pipe (black, white or grey), coming from the bottom of your boiler. If this pipe is less than 32mm in diameter and runs outside of the property or through a non-heated area then it should be fully insulated with waterproof lagging. If it is not fully lagged and the 3 criteria (in step 1 above) apply then it is likely that it is frozen and needs to be thawed.

Click here for instructions on how to thaw the condensate pipe

NB: You should exercise extreme caution at all times when attempting to identify and thaw a condensate pipe

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