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You will always get differences in opinions and experiences when it comes to boiler manufacturers.

Personally, we find that Worcester-Bosch and Vaillant offer fantastic products, with consistent top rankings on Which? Best Buy and reliable aftercare. Overall giving fantastic value for money (we think so anyway).

We would always advise you to do your research and get multiple quotes to help you make the best, informed decision.

Anyone can purchase a new boiler if they feel it is time for an upgrade. It is generally best to replace your boiler if your current one is over 10 years old and faulty.

Another good reason can be to change to a combi boiler to free up space or to replace an old boiler before a new kitchen installation.

Gas Safe would recommend you have your gas appliances inspected once a year to ensure they are working efficiently and safely. We also think it’s nice to give them a good clean inside while we are checking them.

If your boiler has a manufacturer’s warranty you will need to have it serviced annually to keep it covered; just like a new car.

Another good reason can be to change to a combi boiler to free up space or to replace an old boiler before a new kitchen installation.

You can spread the cost of your annual service with our new Cosy Cover plan. See more here. 



You have a few options but the most common question is weather to keep a hot water tank or change to a Combi boiler.

If you have multiple bathrooms and use lots of hot water our advice would be to keep your hot water tank, as this can work our more cost effective than a Combi and give you more comfort with multiple taps able to run at once.

If you are short on space or do not use much hot water a Combi boiler could be the way forward. However, these can generally be more expensive to purchase and come with some extra work and risks.

The best advice would be to get multiple opinions from qualified heating professionals.

We love Worcester-Bosch Products and have recommended them to our families for over 30 years. They consistently rank top on Which? Best Buy for their build quality and reliability. With warranties ranging from 6 to 12 years we love the peace of mind that comes with a Worcester-Bosch product and are proud to be a Worcester Accredited Partner.

Yes, we also recommend Vaillant boilers. Like Worcester-Bosch they win multiple awards and rank highly on Which? Best Buy.

There are lots of other manufactures available however these are the companies we trust to look after our families.

We use the: “what boiler would you fit for your own Nan?” approach.

Currently we do not offer any monthly payment insurance options. We feel it is usually a lot more cost effective for our customers to “pay as you go”.

Your average boiler cover will cost between £300 to £400/ year. Over a 10 year period this can quickly cost a lot more than what a new boiler would have cost. If your current boiler is constantly breaking down it could be time to replace it with a more reliable model with a warranty and save money over time. You could even spread the payments over time on an affordable payment plan.

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