Cut Down on Electrician Appliance Use

We live in an age of appliances. Whatever you need, there is a machine that does it for you. These tools may help us to use less energy but they are adding more to your energy bills. Here are our tips to reduce your consumption, save the planet and maybe some money too!


  1. LED Bulbs

Gone are the days of waiting for your energy saving bulbs to warm up, LED bulbs are brighter, faster and load cheaper than your old halogen bulbs. You will pay more for a high-quality LED bulb but they will last for years and save you money.

  1. Turn off lights when you leave a room

“It’s not Blackpool up here!” It sounds old fashioned, but by turning off the lights in rooms you aren’t using you can drastically help to reduce your electricity bill- and keep Dad happy.

  1. Keep your fridge and freezer full on a higher temperature

By keeping your fridge and freezer full they will use less energy, this can include filling a jug with water! Also check your temperature setting on your FF, one degree could make a huge difference to your spending.

  1. Clever Cooking

Use lids to energy when cooking or boiling your pans on the hob and be careful to use to correct burner so as to not waste energy. Microwaves are also lots cheaper than ovens.

  1. Wash Your Clothes at 30°C

Modern clothes and detergent can be washed at 30°C and still provide a fantastic result. So your clothes still feel clean and fresh and you save some cash.

  1. FREE Solar Dryer

If it’s a sunny day dry your clothes outside or leave your clothes on a clothes-horse by a radiator, tumble dryers are lovely but very expensive to run.

*Don’t hang your clothes directly over a radiator- you will stop the heat from circulating into your room and use more energy heating your home!

  1. Don’t Boil a Full Kettle

Unless your making a round for the office there is no reason to boil a full kettle. Most kettles have a handy guide on the side to help you boil the correct amount of water.

  1. Spend Less Time in The Shower

Electric showers have become hugely popular over the last 10 years, but they are very expensive to run. Cutting your shower down by 1 minuet could help to cut save you a fortune.

  1. Dishwasher Savvy

If you have an energy efficient dishwasher it could be cheaper to use than washing by hand. To make sure you are saving money make sure you clean your plates to avoid using “intensive” inefficient modes and be sure to fill your dishwasher correctly to ensure you clean as much as possible.

  1. Turn it Off

You can save money by not leaving appliances on standby, however not many people will have the time to go around and turn all of their appliances off and on every day. We would recommend to at least try not to leave appliances running when you are not using them such as Televisions, fans and electrical heaters.


We hope these tips are useful, for more information on saving on your energy bills check out our blog on the energy cap rise and ways to save money.


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