How BS 7593:2019 could change buying a new boiler

The new British Standard 7593:2019 is the new code of practice for the preparation, commissioning and maintenance of domestic central heating and cooling water systems.

Here’s a quick guide to the changes you need to know:

#1 – Permanent installation of filters

Firstly your new boiler should be installed with an in-line Filter to protect your boiler’s components from sludge. There are lots to choose from nowadays and some even increase your boiler’s guarantee! (See our blog on The Importance of System Protectors for help choosing).

Please be aware however that system filters should never be regarded as an alternative to system cleaning and flushing; they work wonders- not miracles.

#2 – Simplified cleaning

There are only three recommended ways to clean your system; powerflushing, mains pressure, and gravity with circulation pump. Speak to your installer for advice on the best way to flush your system (and remember a powerflush may not always be needed).

#3 – Biocidal and frost protection

(This is mainly for customers who live in static caravans and with Air Source Heat Pumps) Inhibited antifreeze should be used in systems liable to freezing.

#4 – Testing

Once your new boiler has been installed, the system water should be checked for cleanliness and that it has the correct concentration of chemicals. This should also be considered following work that could have altered the dilution of system protection, and annually for the life of the system.

Most chemical manufacturers have their own simple-to-use test kits. Just make sure you are using the correct test kit for the chemicals used in your system! Check for a sticker on your boiler.

#5 – Maintenance

If you already have an inline filter, it should be serviced annually and as part of a recommissioning process. If your Filter is out of sight be sure to let your engineer know where it is.

Also, your Inhibitor should be re-dosed at five-year intervals, alternatively, a full lab test can be used to verify ongoing protection.

The benefits

The changes to the standard bring some tangible results for homeowners, who will see lower running costs, fewer breakdowns, a longer boiler lifespan, enhanced warranties and lower carbon emissions.


For more information see Adey’s Support Post here.


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